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Our Workers

We are an ethical business that has employment practices to retain good cleaning sta.Our cleaners are fully qualied and have extensive experience in the industry, so you can trust they will provide a thorough and dependable cleaning service. Our cleaners are also very friendly and respectful, and have been carefully selected to match our standards.
We nd this benet us and our customers leading to improvements in commitment and performance.

Our employees are very knowledgeable of all types of cleaning products available in the market and their use and restrictions. You can count on our team to always arrive with cleaning supplies and equipment.
Never eat, drink, smoke or use any appliance while in your Place. And always treat your oces with complete care and respect.

As well, the cleaners reect the company’s internal strategy. From our title WE CARE a lot about the customers' satisfaction. e Cleaners’ appearance is a main issue that we take care of.

Their uniforms must be always shiny, sanitary, and always smelling good.

We do training sessions for our entire employees on monthly basis. And when we got an approval regarding starting the contract with your company, WeCare sta organize excessive full week training for our cleaners for your most satisfaction.

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